Sunday, February 2, 2014

Collin's 6th birthday

We celebrated Collin and Rob's birthdays in the last week.  I still can't believe that Collin is six years old.  His birthday was on a Friday so I promised the boys if they could get their school work done early that week than we wouldn't do school on Collin's birthday.  I told him we could do whatever he wanted.  He chose playing Wii, watching t.v. and eating black bean nachos!  For his birthday dinner that night he chose Longhorn.

Watching a movie and eating lunch.  Lily came to play that day with us!

My big 6 year old!

He got a tee for his birthday!

That weekend we got together with Rob's family to celebrate Rob and Collin's birthdays.  We went to Provinos for dinner and than back to our house for presents and cake!

Birthday boys!

The kids played trains all night!

Spencer and Finn having a conversation!

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  1. Happy Birthday Collin! Cannot believe how fast these kiddos are growing up!!