Monday, June 16, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter this year.  We went to church in the morning and than made the rounds to each of our families that afternoon.

It is easier to get all three to smile now that they are older.

Crazy church kids!

Mommy and Katie

Love Jennifer!

Our little family

Love our boys!


More cousins!

Sweet boys!

Easter egg hunt!

Collin found a lot of eggs!

The best we could get of all the egg hunters!

When did he turn into such a big boy :(

Spring Break

Since we were homeschooled this year we didn't really have a real spring break but we did do some fun things.  One of the things we did was go to the park with a group of friends.  We hiked, ate lunch and played in the river.  The water was a little cold but the kids didn't seem to mind!

Catching up

Wow, it has been a long time since I last blogged.  All I can say is life has been super busy lately.  We go non-stop from waking up to going to bed.  Things have slowed down a little bit since it is now summer but we are still really busy.  I am going to try and get caught up on blogging but we will see :)

So to start off we had a great baseball season this spring.  Both boys had excellent coaches and awesome team mates.  We couldn't have asked for a better baseball season.  Spencer's team ended up winning the championship at the end of the season.  I'll do a seperate post on that.  For now here are some pictures from our season as a Dodger and Brave!

Game Ball for getting the last out and winning the game!

Baseball buddies!

Game ball.  He played third for the first time ever and got 5 or 6 outs including catching a friend's hit and tagging him out!

Collin chose number 0 this season!

Spencer in the outfield!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let's play ball!!!

Last weekend was opening weekend for Spring Baseball.  Collin's age group has a new complex/field so they had an opening ceremony on Friday night.  Collin's team played the first game on the new field Friday night.  There was a little parade with all the teams playing that night.

After the parade the games started.  Collin's team won their first game!!  We were so excited.  It was a great way to start off the season!

Saturday morning Spencer had his first game.  While Collin is on the same team this year with the same coach and some of the same players, Spencer is on a new team with only one player from last season. This is a huge blessing because last season was a little rough with no coaching.  His coach was nice but he just didn't know a lot about baseball or coaching.  This season Spencer is on an amazing team with an awesome coach.  Rob knows his coach from our old church and really wanted Spencer to get him so he kept making comments last season to him about picking Spencer this season!  Well Spencer's team won their first game on Saturday.  We were so excited and Spencer had a great game.  He even caught a pop fly!!

Sunday we had two more games.  Collin's game was first and was very intense.  It turns out the other team's coach used a t-ball and scored four runs with the t-ball.  We ended up losing 19-18.  It is always hard to lose but it is especially hard when the other team cheats.  Thankfully our boys were unaware of what was going on and were just enjoying playing baseball.  After Collin's game Spencer had a game and they won again!!!

It was a great first weekend of baseball and we look forward to the rest of the season!

Spencer's 8th birthday

I know I say this every year but how do I have an 8 year old?  It feels like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and now he is a big 8 year old :)

Spencer's birthday was on a Monday this year and I told the kids that they could have the day off from school.  They were very excited!  We had a lazy morning watching t.v., going running and riding roller blades.  We made plans to meet the boys and Jen for lunch at Chickfila.  Spencer was so excited.  We miss our boys so much.

After lunch we came home and took naps.  Well everyone but Spencer took a nap :)  Our afternoon was nice and quiet.  I made him a strawberry cake and when Rob got home we took him to Provinos (his choice).

After Provinos we came home to sing happy birthday and eat his cake.  He didn't have any presents because he had found his roller blades a few weeks before and we went ahead and gave them to him.  I thought that was his present but I found out Rob told him he would get him a new bow and arrow too.  Unfortunately Rob hasn't decided which one to get yet so Spencer didn't have it to open on his birthday.  I think he has asked Rob everyday since when he is getting his bow and arrow!

It was a great birthday celebrating our big 8 year old!

More snow and ice

I originally wrote this a few weeks ago but never added pictures until today!

Well last week we got more snow and ice.  The local news stations were calling it "catastrophic" and other crazy names.  I guess they wanted to make sure everyone was planned for really bad weather and didn't want anyone surprised like we were a few weeks ago.  Based on news reports I thought we would be stuck in our house from Tues-Fri, however, it wasn't that bad.  We woke up Tues to rain that turned to sleet that turned to snow.  They were big fluffy snowflakes but they weren't sticking to the ground.  Rob was getting the shakes about possibly being stuck in the house for three days so he decided that he needed to go to the store to get some groceries.  I had just gone to the store the day before but he still thought it would be best to go again.  He even called my grandfather to pick groceries up for him.  I think he just didn't want to have to stay home :)  Tuesday was mainly just rainy/sleet weather.  We woke up Wednesday morning to ice covering everything.  Wednesday we were stuck at home all day but it wasn't really fun snow to play in mainly just ice.  Rob baked cookies and the kids played with our neighbor.  Around 9 on Wed. night it started snowing pretty good.  We dressed the kids and went outside for a walk.  Really I think we were just sick of being inside and when we saw our neighbors outside we jumped at the chance for some social interaction :)   We ended up going to another neighbor's house and playing in the snow until after 10 at night. I am sure the neighbors were thrilled with us.  Rob and Brian rode bikes all down the street pulling the kids on the sled.  The kids even got to see a truck plowing the streets.  It was loads of fun!

Thursday morning we woke up and it had snowed a few more inches.  We had heard it was going to warm up and melt early so as soon as the kids were up we got dressed and went to play in it.

 Katie and "Olaf!"

Than we turned around and she was on top of Erin's car.

Abbey and Katie

She was having a snowball fight with Brian!

Our little family

This face!  He was mad because his hands were cold but he wouldn't wear gloves!  And if you look closely you can see his eye is red. That would be the result of being hit with a hockey stick compliments of his big brother.

Didn't take too long and he was happy and playing again.

Snowball fight!!!

Sweet brothers helping their sissy!

This could have been bad. Thankfully Collin didn't remember last time when Spencer gave him "a little push."

By early Thursday afternoon the snow had melted.  It was the quickest melt ever!  Friday was back to normal with Rob at work and the kids and I doing school.  It was a fun little break and now we are in the 60s!